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System Installation

When building a new house or remodeling an older house, one question that is always asked is "What about the a/c?" We are here to help! we have been installing and replacing a/c systems since before 1989! our customers can be the judges of that. Majority of our work is in the city of new Orleans where we are installing or replacing systems in houses that are older than us! at Cisco's, we take pride in our work.

A/C & Heating Repair

Of course, it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time. The a/c or heater quits working. At Cisco's, we have a 24 hour answering service that is there to answer your call at any time. our technician will contact you to discuss the plan of action, so your event or just lying around the house can continue as usual.

Our standard service call fee is $95.00 on the weekday

Biannual Maintenance Agreement

Do you get your car looked at once you hit a certain amount of miles? Why not your a/c & heater too? We offer a twice per year maintenance plan. this plan consists of us visiting your home in the summer and the winter to make sure your heater is cleaned and serviced and ready to take on Louisiana's unpredictable weather. normally, our clean and service costs around $165 per session per unit. with this agreement, for $235.00, you could have your system looked at, cleaned, and general serviced twice per year. that is a savings of at least $95.00!

Homebuyers Inspection

Are you buying or selling your home? We can be there to help with the inspection of the a/c and heating systems. We want to make sure you know what you are buying, and in what condition the system!

Cleaning and Repair

Are you sensing dirt coming from your vents? maybe a foul smell? let us take a look at it and discuss if you are a good candidate for duct cleaning.

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